Create a LinkedIn Campaign for Your SaaS Company

Here are my proven tips to create a LinkedIn Campaign for your Saas company

Before I begin with the tips for creating a LinkedIn campaign for your Saas company, let’s talk about your website. Every digital marketing campaign starts with a competitive website that’s optimised for the search engines with winning on-page and off-page SEO. A great website should have the following characteristics:

  1. Original content that’s creative and branded
  2. Excellent messaging and storytelling
  3. Superior technical performance

If your website doesn’t meet the above criteria, there’s no point in investing money into paid ads. So, if it’s not yet up to scratch, that’s where you should start before you even think about running a LinkedIn advertising campaign focused on your Saas company.

Create your company page on LinkedIn

You need both a great website and a strong foundation on LinkedIn before you’ll be ready to create your campaign. Your company page should provide information about your vision, and your messaging should be consistent across your social media profiles. You might also want to consider publishing thought-leadership articles demonstrating authority in your industry on LinkedIn Pulse. This will help boost organic traffic as well. Remember, all the content you produce should be consistently branded.

Fix the leaky marketing funnel

To maximise the return on your advertising investment, you must fix any leaks in the marketing funnel. If you don’t, you could end up paying for leads to visit your website, only for them to leave moments later. This often happens because they don’t see any content that addresses their challenges or is relevant to their pain points.

Every stage of the marketing funnel needs to meet the three points we mentioned earlier. For example, assuming your SaaS offer is targeted towards non-technical audiences, you’ll need to make sure your information is easily understandable to that audience. Moreover, it should be easy to try and buy your service, and all your content should delight your customers by demonstrating integrity in the way it addresses their pain points in a way that others can’t.

Plan out the buyer’s journey

Paid advertising is not a magic bullet that will result in an avalanche of incoming high-potential leads.  Let’s set reasonable expectations.  LinkedIn campaigns are just one of the many multi-channel approaches you can use, and there are many other approaches that work in tandem.  Think about a holistic go-to-market plan, and implement each aspect professionally. Plan out your buyer personas, sales playbook, and any other assets that will pave the road to high-potential leads. Getting thousands of page views shouldn’t be your priority – instead, you should be focussed on the quality of your SaaS leads. After all, action without strategy is a complete waste of time and money.


Your LinkedIn campaigns for your Saas company need to be brilliant

Strategically-driven LinkedIn campaigns should:

  1. play on a key pain point of your target persona
  2. be short and to the point with no unnecessary technical jargon
  3. offer a unique value proposition compared to the competition
  4. showcase your creativity and unique company vision
  5. offer a valuable asset to move people through the buyer’s journey

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when crafting your ad copy, depending on the nature of your SaaS product:

  1. Why would someone want to switch to my app?
  2. Why would someone want to try my open-source solution?
  3. What is cool and different about my SaaS offer?
  4. How can my ads help my app go viral?
  5. What valuable assets can I offer? (SEO based eBook, whitepaper, report, comparison guide, sandbox, webinar, hackathon etc.)
  6. Which longtail keywords do I need to own in which markets and countries?

Make sure the content on your landing page aligns with the content of your LinkedIn ads with rich and engaging content designed to move the reader further along the funnel. Keep them interested, keep in touch, and build a relationship by providing a consistent experience.

While paid advertising might sound like an easy way to reach huge numbers of qualified leads, it actually requires careful planning. You need to determined how and where LinkedIn ads fit into the buyer journey as a whole. Your goal should be to interest and delight the right people, instead of focusing on numbers alone. That’s the way you grow a successful business.

Finally, don’t forget to get sales and the key stakeholders to provide their feedback too, and be sure get in executives involved in executive door-opener campaigns on LinkedIn.

If you work with team members who can help you accomplish this, then congratulations – you have a high-performing digital marketing team and best-in-class demand generation!