Facebook Messenger Marketing Infographic

How many people use Facebook messenger?

1.3 billion people use Facebook messenger every month, according to Techcrunch. Although this figure might actually be much higher. This number only counts individual people, not active accounts. And people may have more than one account (Facebook has not given figures for number of active accounts) Take a look at the Facebook messenger marketing infographic below for more stats.

How many new users is Messenger getting?

The number of new users daily is estimated at 666,666 (honestly!) Therefore it is one of the fastest growing apps out there at the moment.

How many Facebook messenger messages are sent every day?

Messenger users are very active on the app, with sources stating that users send over 8 billion messages every day. This figure is also bound to increase significantly.

How many images are shared on Facebook messenger?

Messenger is not a photo sharing app, unlike Instagram. Despite this, over 17 billion photos are shared on the app every month. See our Facebook messenger marketing infographic for all the stats:

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