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Facebook Messenger stands out if you’re looking for a way to get people’s attention and to generate high-quality sales leads. Plus with automated responses to common and frequently asked questions your customers can save valuable time.
The response rate on Facebook Messenger is incredibly high at the moment with up to 477% reduction in cost per lead.

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FB Messenger Strategy

We assess your business to ascertain the most effective messenger chatbot flows and systems to optimize engagement, customer services, and conversions.


Chatbot Implementation

Taking information from the Messenger strategy, we implement chatbot flows across Facebook, Whatsapp, website, and other channels.

Messenger Chatbots: The Future

Digital Marketing Campaigns including Facebook Messenger and Google and Facebook Ads are great ways to boost site traffic and lead gen goals.
It all starts with our fact-based analysis, understanding your goals  and implementing well-planned campaigns for targeted lead generation.

“The quality of all the work was excellent, and essential communication was consistent and clear. MarketforBrand helped with the ability to grow our business.”

Head of Business Development, Fase Group, Dallas, Texas

Messenger Design to Execution

Here’s how it works: after building a Facebook Messenger chatbot to drive leads we can run click to Messenger ads based on targeting, bot mapping and frameworks. When someone clicks on the ad to learn more, he/she will be brought into a Messenger conversation with a chatbot that asks a series of questions with the option to speak to a real rep live as well.

It all starts with Facebook messenger…

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