What are messenger bot templates?

Messenger templates are “flows” or automation’s that have already been created by a user. You can download and use these templates for your own business.

There are a lot of different bot templates available, for a wide range of business types. Such as: restaurants, e-commerce, real estate, coffee shops, marketers, and more…

Why use a bot template?

They are a great way to start if you are not familiar with messenger bots. It can often be difficult when you are starting out on the messenger bot journey to understand and learn the in’s and out’s of messenger marketing. Therefore bot templates can help you get started quickly, and professionally.

These messenger templates are built by bot users, so are ideal for businesses. They have been tried and tested, so you know they work!

As well as making any minor amendments to the bot template to fit your business, you can also use them as a basis for a new messenger flow. They are therefore also great for future messenger bot ideas.

The sooner you can get messenger bots set up, the sooner your business can start reaping the benefits of this marketing strategy.

They allow you to experiment with, and understand different types of bot functionality. They are a great foundation for learning all about bots, and eventually setting up your own messenger bots.

Where can I find messenger bot templates?

There are a lot of templates out there, both “free” – these are often linked to messenger chat tools. Or paid versions. Take your pick – choose whichever is suitable for your business and your budget.

Here are links to a few resources: