How outsourcing can reduce the cost of digital marketing

Balancing budgets with quality digital marketing through the challenging times ahead

Many companies have slashed their marketing budgets as they struggle to keep afloat during these worrying times. With a return to normalcy still a long way off, they’re are doing everything they can to prepare for the oncoming recession. But is scaling back your marketing really the best choice?

You still need customers

With every recession, there are both winners and losers.

The winners are those who don’t give up. Instead, they adapt. Digital marketing is no exception. Whether you offer a product or service your customers depend on for running their own lives or businesses, or you’re hoping to rebound quickly once things start going back to normal, you need to let people know you’re still there, and you’re determined to survive and thrive. But that’s not likely to happen if your marketing communications have gone silent.

Now’s a better time than any to outsource

With remote work and the gig economy in full swing, now’s an excellent time to start thinking about outsourcing your digital marketing to keep your brand on course for future success. That way, you can expand your online sales channels and continue to maintain high visibility online without having to commit yourself to the high costs of full-time, in-house hires.

The great thing about outsourcing is it allows you to access the talent you need on demand. It scales with your business needs to deliver continuous optimisation and, of course, adapt to uncertain times ahead. It also lets you fill talent gaps in your organisation by allowing you to work with people across borders.

Another cost-related benefit of outsourcing is that it saves time, allowing you and your team to stay focused on their core competencies, rather than trying to juggle multiple responsibilities they’re not best-equipped to deal with. It’s not necessarily about replacing your team, but rather augmenting their capabilities with the right skills and services. That way, you’ll be better positioned to adapt, scale, and thrive through almost any challenge ahead.